18 January 2010

moved from the artist page, because i deleted it...

i decided to delete the artist archive blog because i wasn't using it and i feel weird about having 5 blogs... even though i don't really use this one either...

anyway, i didn't want to lose everything i had over there, so i'm moving it over here!



This guy was introduced to me by my Time Studio instructor. I'm still not entirely sure if I like his work, but he certainly left an impression on me...

Hsieh immigrated illegally to the US in 1973 from Taiwan. In 1978 he created his first performance art piece, "One Year Performance," in which he locked himself in a self-constructed cage for a year with absolutely no talking, writing, reading, or listening to TV or radio. He went on to do five more pieces: '80-'81 he punched a time clock on the hour every hour, '81-'82 he never entered any kind of shelter except his sleeping bag, '83-'84 he tied himself to Linda Montano for a year, '85-'86 he had absolutely no contact with the art world, '86-'99 he created art but never showed it publically.

I'm not sure I personally consider this to be art, but it's a start!


street installations

I decided I should probably install the Stumble Button, since it makes the internet more fun and introduces me to lots of cool things. And, lo and behold, the first place it took me was this guy's site!

I faintly remember seeing his site back at home, a year or so ago, and he's still as interesting as ever. I haven't gotten around to exploring the rest of his site yet, but I feel like I should.

The reason I picked the above image is because it was in Baltimore. Am I too focused on where I came from? Or do I just like the familiar? I wish I could've seen his work. There is/was a lot in DC, but he even did some in Rio de Janero, Sweden, London, and a bunch in Barcelona. Very cool, very thought-provoking, very interesting and different.


running the numbers

Thank you, Stumble Button!

This time, I went to a news article about this artist, who (at least with this series) takes statistics about product consumption in the US and creates works that reflect that number. The image above depicts "200,000 packs of cigarettes, equal to the number of Americans who die from cigarette smoking every six months." It's also the cover image of David Sedaris's new book, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, which is why it caught my eye.

This guy's work was a real eye-opener. It's absolutely horrifying how much Americans consume on a daily basis, even an hourly basis. I'm all tingly with the information. It's quite disturbing, and it really ups my environmental tendencies...

Seriously, Americans are disgusting.

60,000 plastic bags every FIVE SECONDS?!



I have no idea who this man is, except that he's british. All I know is, he uses pictures he took himself or found online, eliminates one figure and then draws the figure back in. Or, rather, he traces over the figure and replaces the original. There's a tutorial on his site. Really, he's just an ordinary guy with internet and photoshop, but still, I've never seen anything like this before. Simple, cheap, and kind of like cheating... Oh well.


[will finish later...]


[no image, he's a film guy]

ubu page

I was looking around on ubu, since I have to find a film person from the 80s to today to do a project-type thing on, and I found this guy. He's originally from Russia and he made stop-motion films involving insects since he really loved them. And I was all set to use this guy when I remembered it had to be from the 80s onward, and he made his films in, like, 1912 and such...

Ah well.

I really want to try stop-motion, since we sort of skipped that inbetween phase... We went straight from photography to video. So, I shall just have to try harder!


Ok, I think I found the guy I want to do.

Jan Svankmajer.

He did films that used both live action and stop-motion. Like, feature-length films.

wikipedia page, since he doesn't have an ubu one...



Spray paint silhouettes, drawings, films. Social commentary. Pretty sweet.

Wow, I had to scale that image down!


subway life

This guy goes to cities, rides the subway, and makes drawings of the people he sees there. The above image is from London.


Official choice for my TS artist presentation:

Robert Rauschenberg.

He's pretty sweet. Does assemblage mainly, painting on found objects and doing weird stuff to them. Sort of at the beginning of pop art, but way cooler than pop art. Cuz pop art kinda sucks.



candy art

pretty sweet photographer. candy, creepy, awesome.


Audrey Kawasaki



Dale Chihuly



Elisa Sassi



Diem Chau

ceramic and thread


Robert J. Lang



psycho pencils

she was suggested to me by... i forget his name, which is really sad... but she was suggested in relation to my giant self-portrait. and she's pretty awesome.

12 December 2008

here it is....?

there we go.
[a better image will be taken later, this is just to put it here]

detail of some of the sewing at the top left corner

detail of the "ribbon" part

my cat was walking across the thing when i was trying to take these pics...

Technically [well, in reality] it still isn't finished. And I am kicking myself. But I'm down to the ribbons, which should go faster. I'll post the real final pics as soon as I'm done, but I have no idea when that will be exactly.

Dear Val:

I will have the pics up today. Hopefully around 3 this afternoon, but possibly as late as 5. The only thing that'll be missing is that one 'do something you've never done' assignment. I forgot to take a picture of it, and I'm currently back home while my drawing is still in the dorm. But the selfportrait will be up.

I have various other progress pics hidden here and here.


30 November 2008

wooden spoon

i carved it for my project class! yay! it's very smooth, but i kinda wish it was stained... but i was dumb and didn't finish sanding it while i was home in time to use some stain we have there, so it's just plain... still, i'm pretty proud of it! yay!

drawing: complete!

torso! finished!

beginning the 3rd sheet

the 3 sheets put together


completed drawing!! not a very good pic...

first stitches! added to the bra, where i actually have ribbon stitching...

hard to see, but there's stitching here too...

the start of blobby abstract border shapes... if the embroidery turns out to fail, i've got a back-up plan: cut paper, which can easily hide the unsightly holes left by the thread!

23 November 2008

continued sexiness

not the best pics, but still. i'm getting really excited about this! i'm glad i'm not totally sick of this yet. that's probably because i'm going through this so fast and i really like how it's looking. i totally think it's sexy. not sure about my body itself, but the drawing is looking awesome.

22 November 2008

finished one of the papers! yay!

i gotta say, those are some sexy clavicles. the face looks a little weird, but the chest area is awesome. i'm pretty proud of it. i'm trying to do one paper a day, so tomorrow i'll be doing the whole torso... that's a lot of work...